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MouRO - The highly customized, GM/Donation free server

Introduced in 2002, Gravity's MMORPG, Ragnarok Online, has grown significantly in popularity in many parts of the world and continues to grow.

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I know that seeing yet another advertising post can be annoying. But this isn't just any sever. It is something so unlike traditional RO I wonder if I should even be posting it in an RO forum.

Here are all the details:


Mission Statement:
MouRO is a highly customized server for the casual player meant to be different, interesting, and challenging. No custom stuff client-side beyond dyes; no custom quests, 100% oriented to be a different fighting experience, and designed to make partying extremely desirable.

Basic Information
Rates: Base 10x, Job 1000x (Max per kill is 30%)
Drops: Logarithmic (min 1%),
Max Level: Base 150, Job 2x (100 for normal, 140 for Advanced, 200 for S. Novice)
Connection: Should be UP 24/7 except for updates (which are quick and swift considering they are done and tested on another machine first).
Support: I don't believe in GMs, pretty much every server I was at had to close down because of THEM. Therefore, no GMs here. Since I still like playing RO, I've retouched the server enough that hopefully players should not NEED a GM. Feel free to use the forums to report bugs, problems, and what not, though. It's just that you won't be seeing anyone with GM powers inside the game any-time soon (anti-self-destruction measure).
Donation System: None.
Custom Sprites/Items: Other than dyes, none (some items had their functionality modified, but there's no new sprites, meaning that a basic RO installation can play without anything but the sclientinfo).

Advanced Information
This is a summary of the most remarkable changes that make this server different.*

Party-Oriented Experience:

* Even Share range: 30
* "Even Share" makes everyone receive 100% of the mob's exp.
* "Each Take" actually gives experience to other party members based on level difference
* Exp Share type is automatically changed as characters level or join/leave.
* Experience share only works for party-mates within sight
* Item Amulet will warp you to the Party leader
* Item Giant Fly Wing can be used by the party leader to warp the party to him.
* Party item pick-up rule changed to invite rules. When active, all party members are allowed to invite other people to the party.

For Casual Players:

* High job exp rate guarantees that you won't have to suffer from lack of skills while still keeping battles challenging.
* Skip novice-class and move directly to your desired class.
* 'Rebirth' requires you to reach max job level (100), base level won't be reset.
* Learnable quest skills
* Job swapper service allows you to try different classes without a need to restart from scratch.
* Renaming service allows changing your character's name as well.
* Logarithmic drops so that hunting for a particular item never becomes an impossible chore (minimum drop rate is ~1%).
* Shops with all cards and headgears available, as well as many of the basic equipments that exists.
* Monsters will from time to time drop random items, which can be anything, keeps you on the lookout while giving you a third way to acquire equipment.
* Improved refine system does not destroys equipment on upgrade-fail, letting you stick to your favourite armour as it becomes stronger.
* Uncarder available so you can recycle cards/equipment.
* Death has no exp penalty. And you can auto-resurrect after a while if you stay dead long enough.

Improved Mob system (Because PvM should not be mindless grinding):

* They have increased stats, level, attack speed and life (they go up to level 300).
* Mobs also have SP, and they follow the same battle rules as players do.
* Their Max HP and SP goes up with every extra player on the map (preserves challenge regardless of how large the party is).
* All mobs are supportive of each other.
* @diff command allows you to adjust the monster difficulty by affecting their level, which makes no dungeon or map too boring to visit.
* Random mobs are generated on all maps according to the level and difficulty.
* The stock mobs of a map will level up when the map they are in is high level (can you say "Level 100 Porings"?)
* Mob density adjuster makes sure no map is too empty or packed.
* Mob experience adjuster also adjusts Exp of enemies so every monster yields appropriate experience at all levels (Freedom of Levelling!).
* Mobs acquire new random skills, higher level mobs use higher level, and stronger skills.

Because RO should be fun:

* Multiple player options which make playing less of a chore and more fun (spell-reuse to auto-attack monsters with spells like how no-ctrl works for melee, custom auto-looting, skill auto-selection to make all fixed ranged attack work like Taekwon Kicks/Monk Combos , auto-attack enemies when hit, auto-party buffing etc...)
* Dye Stuff system which lets you disguise equipped headgears as well as your weapon and shield as others (allows you to separate function from aesthetics).
* Memory Bookmark system which lets you pick how your class will look (choose between Advanced Second Class, Normal Second Class, and First Class sprite of your job).
* Automatic and player organized events (treasure hunting, town invasions, big monsters, Kafra voting).
* Rollback system allows you temporarily lose levels so you can help those with less experience (original level, stats and exp is restored on log out).
* 'Oblivion pet system' lets you capture any mob as a pet.
* Pets level up and they have HP/SP
* Pets have access to the random skills that their mob counter parts have, and they can memorize two skills (attack/support).
* Skills with low cast/delay do not interrupt your auto-attack, which is resumed as soon as the delay is over.
* Max Job level is twice the norm
* Job bonuses apply to the very last job level
* Mobs drop random healing items to keep you going
* Mobs drop mercenary scrolls which can be used to clone yourself, other players or even monsters.

* An exhaustive list of changes is found through this site's navigation as well as in-game through the information NPCs (May Lee, and the Keepers of knowledge) and in the server's bdata.grf file (changes to skills/items are appended to the default descriptions). Feel overwhelmed? Just try the Training Grounds to play while learning about all the unique features offered here.

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And so, ya wasted your time succesfully :P
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