Y-Corner - General Forum Rules

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Y-Corner - General Forum Rules

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Y-Corner - General Forum Rules

Welcome to Y-Corner! Like every other forum/message boards on the Internet, there are some general rules to follow when posting here at Y-Corner.

1.) No prejudice or racism.
- Do not create posts or threads that are designed to attack groups of people solely based on race, nationality, gender, etc., or use "racist" language. Prejudice and racism of any form WILL NOT BE TOLERATED on Y-Corner.

2.) No posting or linking to illegal or improper material.
- Do not post or link to any illegal material, such as pornography, warez, or anything else that is considered illegal.

3.) No product or scheme advertising allowed.
- Basically, do not create "spam"-style posts/threads, such as pyramid schemes, fraudulant activity, etc. Because of the increase of spam user registrations, Y-Corner enforces an absolute "no tolerance" policy for spammers, in which suspected spammers will be permanently banned without question.

4.) No "flaming" threads or posts.
- Do not make threads or posts that are purposely designed to flame (insult) other members on the message board. While it is perfectly acceptable to disagree with others, do so in a respectful manner. Attack the issue, NOT THE PERSON. Also, if you have a personal dispute with another forum user, please use the "Private Messages" feature; do not drag your personal disputes out into the open.

5.) No sexually-explicit threads, posts, or images.
- Do not create sexually explicit threads or posts, such as cyber sex and extremely lewd remarks. Posting any images that contain nudity or depicting any sexually-related act is not allowed. Y-Corner is considered to a PG-13 rated forum. Please be aware that we also have members that are under 18.

6.) Refrain from using excessive use of vulgar language.
- While it is generally acceptable to use some vulgar language on this board, please refrain from using it in an excessive manner. Saying "@#$@" or "@#$%&" twenty times in a single sentence is completely unnecessary.

7.) Refrain from double/triple/quadruple posting or excessive thread bumping.
- Please try to avoid any double posting. If you forget to add something to your original post, please use the "Modify" button to modify your post. As for thread bumping, if you wish to bump a thread, please do so only if it falls off the first page of the message board. No need to constantly bump a thread to keep it at the top; if a moderator or administrator finds your thread very useful to others, they may decide to sticky your thread.

8.) Refrain from making extra threads about a topic for which a thread already exists.
- Please try to avoid creating extra threads about a topic for which a thread already exists. This is to keep discussions about the same topic in one place, as well as keeping the forums organized.

9.) Please post threads in their appropriate sections.
- Please post threads in their appropriate sections. It will make it easier for others to find similar topics in the same area, as well as keep the forum organized.

10.) Refrain from making 1-word or simple posts.
- Please try to avoid simple posts, like "hi", "yes", "no", etc. Try to add to the discussion, as this is a message board, not a chat room. Also, please do not make simple posts just to boost your post count; people will respect you on the quality of your posts, not the total amount of posts you've made. A separate Random Nonsense message board has been recently created for such posts. Please note that posts in this section DO NOT increase your post count.

11.) Do not use extremely large size avatars / signatures, or use avatars / signatures that take too long to display.
- Use avatars and signatures that are 100 KB or less in file size. Avatars should be less than 150x150 pixels in size.

12.) Do not create multiple forum accounts.
- There's no need for multiple forum accounts. If you want to change your displayed forum name, just edit it in your profile settings.

13.) Anything else that is generally considered unacceptable on most message boards/forums on the Internet.
- In other words, use common sense when posting!

As long as you can follow the above rules, you will fit in just fine here at Y-Corner.

Depending on how serious the infraction is, warnings will usually be given first. Repeated violations will result in a week or month ban. If a member continues to violate forum rules despite being warned or temporarily banned, a permanent ban will be issued. For those that believe they are "above the law" and use the "freedom of speech" clause to defend their violations of the message board rules, keep in mind that like any message board/forum on the Internet, Y-Corner is not on public property; it is private property. In other words, it is a MONARCHY, not a DEMOCRACY.
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