how good would this PC be for gaming?

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how good would this PC be for gaming?

Post by Slayer »

iv jest been looking in a magazine to find a new computer and i come across this


processor :intel q950 2.83GHz core 2 quad
hard drive: 1TB 7200rpm SATA
memory : 4GB DDR2 1066Mhz max capacity 8GB
opical drive :22x Dual Layer DVD Writer
grapics: nvidia GTX260 896 MB pci-e
Audio : 8-Channel High Definition Audio

processor :same as above
hard drive: 2x 1tb 7200rpm SATA
memory : same
opical drive : same
grapics : nvidia GTX275 896 MB PCI-E
audio :same

other things on both
12x usb ports
1x gigabit lan
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Re: how good would this PC be for gaming?

Post by Yoon »

Specs on those configurations look good for gaming, but it all comes down to price.

Assuming that they are pre-built computers, how much are they asking on price for those configurations?
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